Our Passions

This page speaks of the passion (the very heartbeat) of Discovery Community Church. We can have all the finest statements about everything from our beliefs and Core Values to, well everything, but what is it that leaps off the page and gets our hearts pumping as see them happening in our church and in our city? Essentially our joy is made complete as we witness individuals being introduced to Jesus Christ and finding in Him the truth and the power that transforms lives. We find joy as the Word is opened and it becomes clear and relevant. We know a deep satisfaction as people treasure Christ above all things and Jesus becomes the most beautiful, the most obvious and unavoidable reality in our lives right now. And we become most excited as transformed sinners, depending upon God and His power through prayer, begin to share this great story of God with others and begin to exercise His mercy and compassion with those who need it most. All of this leads to God being glorified. We believe that glorifying God is something we cannot assume, but rather we need explicitly to be passionate about glorifying God in all things.

In this journey we are on we have determined to know Christ crucified and risen again with power to transform our lives. Jesus came, full of grace and truth and God is the only one who can provide salvation, We have not arrived yet to the fullness of ministry we believe God is calling us to, but the following expressions of God’s work among us excite us.

Treasuring Christ above all things, we believe, is how we can best glorify God. This means we fight against the sin in our lives and fight for believing in Christ for more of our lives. All of our effort (this “fighting”) is only out of the grace extended to us through faith in Jesus Christ.

The biblical foundation for our passion is found in 2 Corinthians 4.


You and your story matters. The highs, the lows, the victories, the mistakes, what you have done, what has been done to you. Every single detail is so significant. It has shaped who you are. Understanding the significance of where we are at in our stories is the beginning of the path to the life that all of us are looking for. The bottom line is this, Jesus came to do more than save us. He came to heal our broken hearts and set our captive hearts free. He came to bring comfort and strength to those who are hurting and without strength. You matter to God and to us, and you have a unique and amazing role to play in a much larger story, God’s story as you experience transformation by His power.

So if you have made mistakes in your past, hurt or been hurt by people you really care about, or wish that you could erase some parts of your story or are looking for more out of the “Christian” life. We believe that Jesus offers that. The acknowledgement and confession. “You have sin in your life.” “You’ve messed up.” “You are hopeless without Jesus.” It is not the last step. It is the first step toward finding the life that God has for you. And we exist to introduce you to Jesus Christ, in whom you will discover the One whom will give you power for a transformed life.


We all continuously worship. Every one of us. The only element that changes person to person and moment to moment is the object of our worship. Worshipping God through Jesus Christ leads us to transformation, restoration and life, while worshipping the idols of our souls leads us to destruction. The ultimate purpose of every person, and all of creation, is to glorify God. The ultimate purpose of the Church is to declare God’s praises. God has rescued His people from darkness to light, they must praise Him and to lead others to glorify Him as well. Therefore, worship is absolutely central to the church.

At DCC we focus on two primary aspects of worship. The first is corporate gatherings to worship God through receiving His Word, singing, praying, giving, and celebrating the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. God is worthy to be praised and He desires to have an intimate, personal relationship with each of us. Man’s greatest need is for true encounters with the living manifest God and we desire that to be our experience each week as we worship Him together with an expectation that He will show up.

The second aspect of worship at DCC is the lives of the people who make up the church as they go out into their homes, communities, and spheres of influence throughout the week. Ultimately, the church should lead people to glorify God in every aspect of their lives.


“My house shall be called a house of prayer…” – Jesus in Matthew 21:13

Prayer is essential to everything we do as a church. As opposed to being one of our “ministries” we see prayer as supporting all our ministries and everything we do.

Discovery holds the ministry and practice of prayer in high regard, so high that our practice of prayer should be more non-negotiable than life itself. We depend fully on Christ and therefore our connection and communication with Him is a celebrated outcome of our spiritual growth and transformation. We encourage you to add times and seasons of prayer to your calendar and use these prayer opportunities as an important part of your growth.


Helping people experience Jesus, and Deploy into this world on Mission.

Every church wants to help people discover Jesus and live on mission. We do too. It begins with Discovering and experiencing God, learning and developing in our walk with Christ, growing in our Dependence on Him. We live on mission to help everyone that we can, introducing them to Jesus and helping them to experience the transformation of their lives into ones controlled and used by God as His masterpieces of Grace. Loving the people of the world is a necessary implication for those who have encountered Jesus Christ and been transformed by Him.

Join us as we put love in action.


We think of families in two senses. Firstly, our heart is that each of us would know the reality of a place where we belong and where we are at home. We believe that DCC can be such a place for you where you are part of the family.

Secondly, our heart is for the nuclear family which is under so much attack and stress in our culture. We want to be a church which champions healthy Christ-centred marriages and families. Children hold a special place in God’s kingdom, and they hold a special place at Discovery, too! We want to come alongside you and your family to help raise mature disciples of Christ.