“My house shall be called a house of prayer…” – Jesus in Matthew 21:13

Prayer is essential to everything we do as a church. As opposed to being one of our “ministries” we see prayer as supporting all our ministries and everything we do.

Discovery holds the ministry and practice of prayer in high regard, so high that our practice of prayer should be more non-negotiable than life itself. We encourage you to add times and seasons of prayer to your calendar and use these prayer opportunities as an important part of your growth.

Prayer is the act of communication with our Abba Father. If there is no communication between individuals, there is no relationship. This is true in friendship, in marriage, and in our relationship with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 commands us all to “pray continually”. The work of Jesus through His life, death, and resurrection has brought great freedom to our relationship with God. We want to encourage you to build your relationship with Jesus and experience the freedom of it through prayer.

Can we pray for you?

Submit a Personal Prayer Request
We consider it a privilege to lift our church family’s needs in prayer to the Lord. Prayers submitted are fervently prayed for by our church staff members and DCC’s prayer team. Personal prayer requests can be emailed to

How can you get involved in prayer at FFC?

Join in Sunday Morning Prayer
Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, there is a gathering for pre-service prayer to bathe the service and its attendees in prayer. Or, come 15 minutes before the service begins to pray in the sanctuary for all aspects of the worship service, just pick a spot in the Sanctuary, and pray for the people who will be sitting in that area and for all aspects of the services.

Join DCC Prayer Team!
Have a heart for prayer and want to stand in the gap for others? Our office receives and distributes prayer requests via email and we are always looking for those passionate in prayer who become prayer warriors before the throne of God.

Some helpful and practical hints for your growth in prayer:

  1. Set aside three specific days. Some days will obviously work better than others and there will be weeks where days will have to change, but try to find 3 days – 15 minutes per day – in your week where things stay relatively consistent (3×15)
  2. Also, pick a “trigger reminder”. For example, if you have kids, your trigger may be that immediately after you say goodnight to them you pray with your spouse. If you are single your trigger might be coming home from work or school. Another option might be to add it into the calendar on your smart phone, setting it to deliver a notification at the appropriate time. Whatever it is, find something that reminds you to pray.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly as planned. Don’t give up. Keep at it – persevere and stay encouraged. Expect spiritual opposition – don’t be surprised if arguments and frustrations arise right before you’re supposed to pray with your spouse – we have an enemy who wants to keep you from praying. Resist him in prayer.
  4. Make a commitment with others of the same gender to meet together during the week to pray and encourage one another.

**Do you have a story to tell about how God is moving and working as a result of your time in prayer? Send us an email and share with us.